Competella Contact Center Enterprise - multimedia modularity for the superior service experience

The Competella Contact Center Enterprise is a high-end solution designed to improve customer service - regardless of which media the customer uses to contact the company – all of it brought to you by Skype for Business . The Competella modularity makes it possible to choose the features and functions your company needs to service and interact with your customers - at the level they expect! 

The Contact Center Enterprise chat and email is designed to optimize the customers' service experience.

Extending customer service to the corporate website or intranet

The corporate website is easily added to the Contact Center as an extra channel for the customers, with web - callback, chat, voice, video or even screen-sharing. This means that your customer service agents can focus on improving service and sales through the corporate web - and pursue the value of first call resolution with Competella Contact Center Enterprise for higher customer satisfaction and maintain a better customer experience journey. The extension of the client communications suite will ensure a better service for most companies.


Socialize with your customers – real-time

Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing. We have therefore incorporated Facebook chat queues into the Competella Contact Center Enterprise – enabling you to help and service those who want to chat with the company through the corporate Facebook site. Furthermore Competella can enhance the Facebook corporate site with notifications distributed by e-mail to skilled agents. 


E-mail communication is still growing – an important media for your business

In order to handle the increasing number of e-mails professionally, the Competella Enterprise Contact Center can be equipped with e-mail queueing (including SMS via E-mail gateway), which welcomes your customer inquiries professionally and routes e-mails based on skills and availability for improved utilization. This skills-based routing and overall multi media routing sharpens the efficiency of the overall communication as every single customer inquiry is handled differently but effectively based on the skills needed. 


Be prepared and focus on the ongoing customer call – get help from your CRM or internal experts

The Competella Enterprise Contact Center agent user interface gives the agent an overview of assigned queues, logged-on agents, calls in queues and details of the ongoing call and caller. If the Competella IVR is integrated with the customer database or CRM system it can either show the caller details or invoke an external application such as CRM, ERP, Helpdesk systems or similar. Competella enables collaboration with other agents or subject matter experts in or outside the Contact Center as colleagues can easily be searched and found since the solution integrates with both Active Directory and Skype for Business presence - this makes it possible to either do an efficient transfer of the call or to include experts in a conference with the customer. 

This omni channel distribution and supervising is essential for every large company involved with external communications with either customers and partners thus making the Contact Center Enterprise especially useful for Skype for Business.


Supervise, coach and help your agents – also during live operation

You can help your agents by listening in on an ongoing conversation and even do a silent whisper to support the agent whilst communicating with the customer. If the agent has forgotten to log out of the Contact Center Enterprise when leaving their seat the supervisor can take care of this for the agent to avoid losing calls. This supervision listen-in and whispers are greatly useful, when onboarding new agents or simply optimizing and educating the process as it can be done during live operations and calls.

The web-based Queue Monitor wallboard solution gives you a real-time overview of the service level in the Contact Center Enterprise and the opportunity to react accordingly –across all media, of course, be it voice, chat, video and e-mails. The Queue Monitor also tracks call statistics and call loads.


Analyze, plan and operate your business based on statistical and logged facts                                   

The web-based statistics include management and supervisor tools to support daily supervision and leadership, planning of the agent crew needed on the queues or individual agent coaching based on personal statistics. Recording of calls is also possible. This means that conversations can be recorded, searched, found and listened to – as a sample control or to be used for training purposes.


Be agile with distributed management through the web-based portal

In today’s modern and competitive environment it is vital for Contact Center supervisors to be able to react and change settings during live operation. Competella supports distribution of administration rights for supervisors and super-users. This can be used for changing opening hour scheduling, skill sets, recording a new announcement or uploading new audio message announcements to a specific place in the call flow.


To advanced for your requirements?  Then have a look at the Competella Contact Center Workgroup - a great solution to replace Response Group Services!

Image 1: The Web multimedia solution for chat / voice and video can be embedded into your corporate website / intranet for customer interaction with the Contact Center.


Image 2: If your company uses Facebook for Social Media Marketing you can bring customers even closer to you by allowing them to chat directly with your Contact Center from Facebook.


Image 3: The Competella Agent user interface is a powerful tool for gaining an overview of queues, agents, calls and contact handling.


Image 4: The Competella Queue Monitor gives a real-time statistical overview of the queue load.


Image 5: The Competella Statistics is a tool for workforce planning based on queue and agent performance.


Image 6: The Competella Web Administration lets you change call flow, announcements and scheduling and delegate administration rights to different users.

Competella Contact Center Enterprise

The Competella Contact Center Enterprise features with modules some of the following highlights

  • Rich client - advanced call handling
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Cherry pick calls from queue
  • Skills based routing
  • Position in queue or estimated waiting time announcement
  • Outbound manipulation of A-number
  • Queue overview
  • Agent overview
  • Wrap-up codes
  • Agent status codes
  • Voice recording
  • Supervisor listen in & whisper
  • Supervisor barge conversation
  • Supervisor force agent state


  • E-mail queues (SMS via gateway)
  • Facebook chat queues / notifications
  • Support for IM & web chat queues
  • Web Voice & Video support
  • Advanced IVR
    • also as stand-alone solution
  • XRM integration e.g. Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Servicenow etc. 
  • IVR Callback – queue buster
  • Web initiated Callback
  • Rich statistics - web based
  • Report scheduling - sent by e-mail
  • Realtime web Queue monitor
  • Web administration of skills, call flow etc.
  • Powershell cmd let configuration
  • Skype for Business Presence overview
  • Cisco line-state presence overview


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Migrate stepwise or rip and replace

Our solution portfolio is designed together with Skype for Business to co-exist with legacy PBX implementations during a migration scenario. This includes Cisco line-state presence integration in Competella Attendant Console and Contact Center Enterprise. The co-existence option guarantees the company investment protection and makes it possible to make a stepwise migration at a pace your company can handle. Alternatively, you can choose to rip and replace in order to obtain immediate benefits of the Competella Contact Centers and Attendant solution.

Competella UCS is a native Skype for Business solution

The Competella solutions are natively integrated to Skype for Business as recommended by Microsoft. This means that all calls are handled inside the Skype for Business topology, which reduces the complexity and minimizes the risk of errors. No extra SIP stack or server is needed to handle the distribution of SIP RTP stream as it is done inside the Skype for Business topology.

The Competella Unified Communication Suite – built to ease your customer interaction


The Competella Unified Communication Suite is integrated natively with Skype for Business and is developed to improve communication between the company and customers / citizens across multiple media like Voice, Email. Web-chat, Video and Text Messaging.

The Competella modularity offers solutions to support the departments and processes, enabling employees to handle and provide efficient professional customer service. The portfolio consists of 3 areas

Contact Centers

Attendant Console

Office user add-ons