Competella Contact Center Enterprise for Teams - superior customer service with a 360º overview

The Competella Contact Center Enterprise for Teams is fast and easy to onboard. The Contact Center Enterprise empower your agents and the organization with the required information to provide the ultimate customer service and optimize resources.

Advanced distribution of contacts to the best available agent 

The Contact Center Enterprise is a powerful tool for distribution of contacts to agents in the organization. The agents can with a multi queue membership receive the calls from the skills that suits the best. Agents benefits from the 360º overview to provide superior customer service. The 360º overview consists of agent status, queue status, call's in queue, contact journey, contact history, subject matter expert presence and possibility to integrate with CRM systems.


Optimize the staffing to the queue load with Supervisor tools

The supervisor has a good overview of the service level of the queue by using the Quliaty Monitor in combination with the Contact Center Enterprise agent client and can force agents on pause state into the queue if the queue load is peaking. The supervisor feature can also be used to log out agents who left their seat. 


Analyze, plan and operate your business based on statistical and logged facts                                   

The Management Portal includes analytics and reporting, you can design and store your own reports by selecting different metrics and plans scheduled sending of reports. The management portal also gives access to contact journey history, contact wrap up category codes and cradle to grave contact details. Furthermore the Contact Center Enterprise gives access to call recording for logging and analyzing purposes.


Be agile with distributed management through the web-based portal

In today’s modern and competitive environment it is vital for Contact Center supervisors to be able to react and change settings during live operation. Competella supports distribution of administration rights for supervisors and super-users. This can be used for changing opening hour scheduling, skill sets, adding a new announcement or uploading new audio message announcements to a specific place in the call flow.


To advanced for your requirements?  Then have a look at the Competella Contact Center Workgroup - a great solution to replace Teams Call Group!

Image 1: The Contact Center Enterprise Agent provides a 360º overview of Agents, Queues, Calls, Contact history and Subject matter expert presence.


Image 2: The Quality Monitor gives supervisors a service level overview of queues to react on live operation.


Image 3: Access to statistics, analytics and reporting provides valuable information to analyze, undertsand and plan the operation of your Contact Center.


Image 4: The Competella Management Portal let you delegate access rights as well as do the daily add's moves and changes of agents, queues, schedules and more..


Image 5: The Competella IVR Express let you configure Workflows with branches and nodes and even schedule routing on a node level.


Image 6: CRM integration to for example Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Competella Contact Center Enterprise

The Competella Contact Center Enterprise features with modules some of the following highlights

  • Easy and fast onboarding with Teams
  • 360º Overview
  • Rich client - advanced call handling
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Cherry pick calls from queue
  • Multi queue membership
  • Position in queue announcement
  • Outbound manipulation of A-number
  • Wrap-up codes
  • Voice recording
  • Supervisor force agent state
  • Advanced IVR
    • also as stand-alone solution




  • CRM integration e.g. Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Servicenow etc. 
  • IVR Callback – queue buster
  • Web initiated Callback
  • Rich statistics - web based
  • Report scheduling - sent by e-mail
  • Realtime web Quality monitor
  • Web administration of skills, call flow etc.
  • Teams Presence overview
  • ‚ÄčE-mail queues (soon)
  • Facebook chat queues / notifications (soon)
  • Support for IM & web chat queues (soon)


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