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As an existing customer you want to know how to technically onboard the Competella SaaS solutions. During this 1-hour webinar we guide you through the things to think about before you onboard. Things like agreements, doing a pilot, the process, apps in Azure, queue configuration etc. All a part of the needs to be done before you take off and to prepare you as much as possible to take a decision on if, what and when to do the journey.  


Date: March 10th, 2021

Time: 10:00-11:00 AM Central European Time

Place: Webinar

Target group: This webinar is for existing customers and aiming at you who have a more technical role within the company. For example you take care of the technically practical things when you onboard the Competella SaaS solutions for Teams.

Price: For free

Speakers: Karim Loukili, Solution Architect, Thomas McLennan, Head of Sales Norway, Sofia Svensson, Marketing and Communications Manager. The presentation will be in english. 

Posted by : Sofia Svensson