Competella release Outbound PSTN in the Communication Suite


More functions added into our portfolio.

We always strive to improve our solutions to help you deliver the best customer support and now we are releasing more functionality in our solutions powered by Microsoft Teams. 


Below are the latest updates available for Cloud/SaaS Teams solutions:

Outbound PSTN calling - call and transfer a call to a PSTN or a mobile phone.

Call park - park a call and retrieve the parked call.

Pick calls from queue - enable that you can select and answer any call in the queue list "Cherry-picking".

Camp on busy for Teams user - queue a call to a "busy in a call" Teams user. 


If you want more technical information like product descriptions or a presentation, do not hesitate to contact us below. 

For existing partners and customer we have updated the product descriptions on the download page. Contact your salesrepresentative for more information. 


Posted by : Sofia Svensson