Cloud Services offering - technical partner webinar

Date: September 16, 2020



Targetgroup: This sesson is aiming at you who is working in a more technical role for a partner. You can for example work as a System integrator, System administrator, Cloud Engineer, UC Specialist, Technical Project Manager or Solution Architect


Content: During this hour we will walk you through the technical parts of Competella Communication suite in a SaaS deployment.


For example:

- App creation in Azure for Competella Identity Server, Azure User Importer and Presence

- Calling bot creation for handling of the main numbers/queues

- Queue configuration in Competella

- Walkthrough of the Deployment Guide and the Customer Site Information Form for SaaS customers


After the webinar you will have an understanding of: how Competella interacts with Azure and how to setup and configure your Azure applications and bots, to work in conjunction with Competella’s SaaS solution. You will also know what information needs to be gathered from the customer and passed on to Competella to be able to have a successful launch.

Posted by : Competella