Updates in Competella Communication Suite

2021-02-09 Stockholm 

Today we are releasing more functionality in our existing platform. One of them is PSTN outbound calling which we know our customers have anticipated for some time. For more information about the new functionalities.

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The Competella Support is expanding


2021-01-22 Stockholm 

To support the growing need for a global customer service, Competella will open up a support site in Pakistan.

The support will be located in the previously established office in Islamabad and be a part of the support function managed from Stockholm.

“The decision to expand the support site in Islamabad and open up a second support site is a logical move into our business growth strategy" says Ulf Blomkvist, Sales and Product Manager, Competella”.

The new support site is planned to open up sometime during spring 2021 and report into the Support organization in Stockholm.

3-day partner webinar training for Competella SaaS-solutions

Competella is empowering organizations to deliver superior customer service with the help from their partners. To help the partners to deliver the cloud solutions, a new 3-day web-based technical training has been developed. The training course is a part of the new Competella partner program for certification of silver and gold partners. 

Competella training

As we develop new solutions, like our new cloud based solutions for Teams, we need to help our partners to be able to both sell and to install them in the best manner. Therefore we have developed a new 3-day technical training. Due to Covid-19, the course will be online this time, but earlier in-person courses have been well received and we hope to be able to offer both in-person and online training as soon as things are back to normal, says Björn Söderström, Operations Manager at Competella.

Competella Cloud Services

The Competella Cloud Services and the Competella Communication Suite for Teams are built on Microsoft Azure and the native Teams Calling API from Microsoft and includes Contact Center and Attendant functionalities, and is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). The range of features makes it a good fit for companies and organizations in all industries.


Content of the training

Day1: Competella Company and Product Presentation - Technical Overview and Prereqs - Process Overview - Azure User Importer App - Users in WebManagement - Azure Identity Server App - Azure Bot Creation

Day2: Queue Configuration (Managing agents, queues, voice prompts etc.) - Multimedia Attendant - Azure Presence App - Azure Calendar Sync App - Queue Monitor

Day3: Support & Troubleshooting - Support Flows - On Prem Solution/Setup (optional)


After the training the participant will be able to offer Competella Cloud Services to their customers – including deployment, onboarding, and configuration. For those who are interested in how to install and deploy on-prem solutions, the afternoon of day 3 is an optional additional session covering this topic.


About Competella AB

Competella is an IT-vendor empowering organizations to deliver superior customer service. Our solutions help to streamline our customers' communication and enables organizations to move from traditional PBXs to multimedia and mobile communication. Our solutions fits all kind of companies and organizations in all industries and are offered as a cloud solution/Software as a Service.

Competella was found in Sweden in 2009. Together with our local partners, we take care of more than 700 end-customers worldwide, serving approximately 700.000 users.

Headquarter: Fleminggatan 48, SE - 112 33 STOCKHOLM,  Sweden


For enrollment to the course please e-mail Support. For editorial content please contact Sofia Svensson 

Attendant Console for Teams is GA and improvements in Contact Center Workgroup


On April 15th we launched Competella Cloud Service, Contact Center Workgroup on Teams as well as a Beta-version of our Attendant Console on Teams. We are now happy to announce that these solutions now are fully available. Below are some of the most important improvements:

  • Attendant Console for Teams:  
    • The attendant console is now fully released, general available (GA).
    • You are now able to view Presence in the search list in the Multimedia Agent and can see if the user is busy on the phone before you transfer the call.
    • Mobile Presence Gateway – possibility to see if the person is busy on the mobile phone in the search list. This is an optional functionality dependent of which mobile operator that is used.
  • Attendant Console and Contact Center Workgroup for Teams:
    • The queue can check presence on an agent before the called is transferred to the agent - it´s no longer a prerequisite that the agent must have the busy-on-busy policy.

Competella is Microsoft Co-sell Ready

Competella is among a selected group of global independent software vendors (ISV) that has received the Co-sell Ready status from Microsoft. The status is earned through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program. Competella will now work with joint sales, support and go-to-market initiatives for Contact Center and Attendant Solutions built on Microsoft Teams.

What does the increased partnership include?

  • The Competella solution is listed in MS OCP Catalog
  • MS dedicates one dedicated partner sales contact for our co-sell active geography.
  • Enablement and activation of lead sharing

For more information please contact Competella 
For more information about Competella Contact Center solution
For more information about Microsoft Co-sell program

Competella goes cloud!


2020-04-15 Stockholm,Today we at Competella AB are announcing a cloud-based version of our communication platform - Competella Communication Suite for Teams. The platform´s first offerings are Contact Center Workgroup and Quality Monitor for Teams. The new platform has been developed for customers and partners that today are using or planning to use Microsoft Teams for Telephony.

With the Competella Contact Center Workgroup (CCW) you can provide an easy-to-use group number and contact center functionality for your teams in your organization based on the Microsoft Teams technology. The Competella Quality Monitor (QM) provides real-time monitoring of all queues and agents. You can get an online view of e.g. how many calls are waiting in a queue, how many agents are busy in a call and average waiting time for incoming calls.
The release also includes a beta version of the Competella Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) and the Competella Attendant Console (AC) functionality. The CCE and AC functionality is planned to be generally available later in Q2 this year.

Competella Cloud Services
The Competella Cloud Services and the Competella Communication Suite for Teams are built on Microsoft Azure and the native Teams Calling API from Microsoft. With an easy deployment procedure you can setup and connect your Office365 tenant to the Competella Cloud Services and start to use the applications in the Competella Communication Suite. To provide a high level of security all applications and interfaces are using Identity Server for authentication and all external communications are encrypted to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data sent over the Internet.

For more detailed information please contact Competella

¨First Ever¨ User forum for Competella

On Wednesday 30 August, the ¨First Ever¨ User forum for Competella users was arranged in Norway, the customers were transported in an old veteran bus and the journey went on to a lovely place called Gansvika, just outside Oslo - where lunch was served before the event started.

The topics at the User forum:

  • What is the content of today's market within ¨Attendant and customer center¨ solutions
  • What demands of functionality will the near future bring from and customers and users
  • Multique- Voice, Chat, Email, SMS
  • Customer database / CRM integration
  • Viewing the traffic ¨Queues and waiting calls¨ - Client and Quemonitor
  • Administration, ¨Supervisor¨ and statistics
  • Hybrid and mixed solutions - Office 365 / Cloud PBX
  • New versions and solutions - Competella UCS
  • What is our content training offering for Attendants, Agents, Supervisors and technical personnel
  • Input and open discussions to set the frame of future User forum`s

The forum hosted a good dialogue among the participants and both interesting and good questions were asked and answered. The feedback from the participants was very good and a dedicated user forum group containing users and Competella personnel is formed – And is to be grouped, consisting of a core group of (5-10 people), Users and Technical User`s, hosted by Competella.

Competella will host the User Forum 1-2 times a year, combined with regularly webinars and newsletters to all customers.

The overall feedback from the participants is that the User Forum and the fact that they themselves participated in forming the forum is highly appreciated.

We have already received orders from multiple customers that are looking for extended functionality both on existing and upcoming new functionality.

The participants where pleased for the initiative from Competella over the User Forum and tour arrangements - They were happy that they had taken the trip.

The eventful day was completed by a boat trip in the nature reserve and Lake ¨Øyeren¨ for all participants.